Metodos de depilacion pubica (kinds of pubic hair removal)

Hairs to be removed one at a time or in small amounts. Usually used for small areas such as eyebrows. They are also used to improve areas that have been shaved but have not been well plucked.

It is similar to waxing but uses a somewhat sticky dough.

prescription Drugs
They directly attack hair growth and inhibit the development of new cells that produce hair. Hair growth will decrease until it stops, the removal will take place as normal until then. Hair growth will return to normal if use of product stops.
depilacion intima

Female Genital Wax Hair Removal
Wax is a genital hair removal method that takes the hair from the root. During the process hot wax is applied to the hair. Cover the wax with a band of cotton or paper and then remove it quickly to remove the wax and hairs. This process can be painful and often many women use a numbing gel on the skin to reduce pain. The hair should be cut first and stopped about 6 mm long. The hair will not grow back until at least one month after waxing.
Female genital hair removal depilatory creams
Depilatories remove hair that contain ingredients that dissolve the hair without damaging the skin. Depilatory creams are affordable and easy to implement, but the strong chemicals in these creams can cause irritation on the delicate skin around the genitals. If you intend to use a depilatory cream for genital hair removal metodos de eliminacion del vello pubico, make sure you use a cream made specifically for genital hair, but first performs a skin test one or two days before and in a small area. The hair will start to grow again about a week after treatment.

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