VisitMexico, among the most popular on Facebook

visit mexico facebook

The Facebook profile VisitMexico campaign to promote tourism in the country and abroad, is the third most visited of its kind in the world, second only to Australia and the UK, said the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry).

In a statement, the Tourism Ministry notes that according to the ranking published in early May by the company eTourism Monitor (Monitor Online Tourism), Mexico recorded more than 885,000 followers on the official Facebook account page, the First what is the office of Tourism Australia, with over 4.6 million followers and the UK, with 1.1 million.

The fourth place is Croatia, with 815,000 contacts, followed by New Zealand, with a similar number, Spain, with 809,000; Ireland with 765,000; Norway with 718,000, Germany with 506,000, and Switzerland, with just over 500,000 followers the social network.

The Tourism Ministry said that in the ranking of eTourism Monitor, Mexico beats countries like the United States and Canada, which were located at sites 11 and 12, respectively, with 492,000 and 457,000 followers on Facebook.

Also referred to eTourism Monitor measures the number of followers worldwide tourism organizations have in each country depends on the social network and Tourism Institute at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland Valais (HES-SO Valais).

“The remarkable growth in tourism successfully demonstrates the strategy of social media, that influence the way people travel,” said the agency. The results of the report are available at the website of eTourism Monitor.

Washington – Nasdaq OMX agreed on Wednesday to pay $ 10 million to settle civil charges arising from the mistakes he made during the public offering of Facebook last year, said the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) imagenes para facebook. This is the largest penalty in history imposed on a stock exchange operator.

The SEC said the series of “unfortunate decision” of Nasdaq taken the day of the Facebook IPO led to a series of regulatory violations.

As a result, more than 30,000 orders were trapped Facebook in Nasdaq system for more than two hours, when they should have been executed or canceled, shaking up and causing investors to holders of market losses estimated at $ 500 million. The exchange operator agreed to close the case without admitting or denying the allegations.


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