three best movies love to mourn

the best movies of love you show them through a site films in cinema who has revealed this good information peliculas en el cine de cine news

Known filmed movie based on a true story, where we see the romance between two young people of different social classes who meet on a boat, which unfortunately crashes into a large block of ice that triggers a terrible disaster. The boat is lost at sea after a beautiful romance, the characters are forced to separate because the boy, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, dies in icy sea. This film has won many awards and is undoubtedly one of the best love movies of all time.

Excellent romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in which it tells the sad story of a girl who suffers a car accident that causes her to lose her short-term memory, thus you can not remember anything that happens in the present, more just remember what happened from the accident date to the past. She meets a boy who falls for her without knowing their health status, they know, they like and spend a lovely day together, the next day the boy (Adam) returns to be with her, but she does not remember . But let this problem stop him, the young man proposes love the girl a day at a time, every day to keep her.


This romance comedy shows that have taken over the years two young extroverts who have managed to overcome their social differences to be together peliculas de amor. After shocks and love triumphs and obstacles these two can be together, until the woman’s dementia (and old) interferes in the relationship. The story takes place in a present context, where the two protagonists of romance and the elders and the man tells the woman, the story that these two young lovers spent and reads from a notebook, without her knowing, that that is its own story.


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