Social calls to action work best on Twitter, Facebook

Technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the like are blaming each other to handle data unduly privacy of its users.
Microsoft Against Google speaks and does so through Scroogled, but on the other hand we see that on the side of Skype read the information that is not supposed to read. Facebook knows the life and work of its users and uses that information to serve ads, like Twitter, Google and others.

No company can say that in this aspect of privacy is innocent, each in his own way takes advantage of the lack of knowledge about users. So education on this issue is very important.

People send me an infographic Papaya10 in exposing the Facebook privacy issue from the point of view of the new search Facebook Graph (Graph Search), which soon all Facebook users can access and as provided, further clarify the issue of an easy way for any user, whatever their level of expertise, they also explain how to set the privacy and offer some other recommendation.

I get an email from Dan Zarrella site with infographics that contains data about a study that was conducted in which we can see what are the social calls to action work best on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Zarrella explains that for years the sales of the companies knew that for customers to perform a specific action, had to ask him to take. Inexplicably, when there was the change to social media, suddenly calls to action ceased to be used.

In the study conducted found that wherever the action calls always generated a growing number of actions by users fotos chidas.

For example, in Twitter, the tweets that say Please Retweet, are more likely to receive more RT others tweets that do not ask.

In blogs, articles that have the words comment, or share links, get more comments, views and links to other posts that do not.

Finally in Facebook posts that have the same words that I named in the previous párrrafo generate more action from users.

Here is the infographic


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