Metodos de depilacion pubica (kinds of pubic hair removal)

Hairs to be removed one at a time or in small amounts. Usually used for small areas such as eyebrows. They are also used to improve areas that have been shaved but have not been well plucked.

It is similar to waxing but uses a somewhat sticky dough.

prescription Drugs
They directly attack hair growth and inhibit the development of new cells that produce hair. Hair growth will decrease until it stops, the removal will take place as normal until then. Hair growth will return to normal if use of product stops.
depilacion intima

Female Genital Wax Hair Removal
Wax is a genital hair removal method that takes the hair from the root. During the process hot wax is applied to the hair. Cover the wax with a band of cotton or paper and then remove it quickly to remove the wax and hairs. This process can be painful and often many women use a numbing gel on the skin to reduce pain. The hair should be cut first and stopped about 6 mm long. The hair will not grow back until at least one month after waxing.
Female genital hair removal depilatory creams
Depilatories remove hair that contain ingredients that dissolve the hair without damaging the skin. Depilatory creams are affordable and easy to implement, but the strong chemicals in these creams can cause irritation on the delicate skin around the genitals. If you intend to use a depilatory cream for genital hair removal metodos de eliminacion del vello pubico, make sure you use a cream made specifically for genital hair, but first performs a skin test one or two days before and in a small area. The hair will start to grow again about a week after treatment.

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VisitMexico, among the most popular on Facebook

visit mexico facebook

The Facebook profile VisitMexico campaign to promote tourism in the country and abroad, is the third most visited of its kind in the world, second only to Australia and the UK, said the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry).

In a statement, the Tourism Ministry notes that according to the ranking published in early May by the company eTourism Monitor (Monitor Online Tourism), Mexico recorded more than 885,000 followers on the official Facebook account page, the First what is the office of Tourism Australia, with over 4.6 million followers and the UK, with 1.1 million.

The fourth place is Croatia, with 815,000 contacts, followed by New Zealand, with a similar number, Spain, with 809,000; Ireland with 765,000; Norway with 718,000, Germany with 506,000, and Switzerland, with just over 500,000 followers the social network.

The Tourism Ministry said that in the ranking of eTourism Monitor, Mexico beats countries like the United States and Canada, which were located at sites 11 and 12, respectively, with 492,000 and 457,000 followers on Facebook.

Also referred to eTourism Monitor measures the number of followers worldwide tourism organizations have in each country depends on the social network and Tourism Institute at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland Valais (HES-SO Valais).

“The remarkable growth in tourism successfully demonstrates the strategy of social media, that influence the way people travel,” said the agency. The results of the report are available at the website of eTourism Monitor.

Washington – Nasdaq OMX agreed on Wednesday to pay $ 10 million to settle civil charges arising from the mistakes he made during the public offering of Facebook last year, said the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) imagenes para facebook. This is the largest penalty in history imposed on a stock exchange operator.

The SEC said the series of “unfortunate decision” of Nasdaq taken the day of the Facebook IPO led to a series of regulatory violations.

As a result, more than 30,000 orders were trapped Facebook in Nasdaq system for more than two hours, when they should have been executed or canceled, shaking up and causing investors to holders of market losses estimated at $ 500 million. The exchange operator agreed to close the case without admitting or denying the allegations.

three best movies love to mourn

the best movies of love you show them through a site films in cinema who has revealed this good information peliculas en el cine de cine news

Known filmed movie based on a true story, where we see the romance between two young people of different social classes who meet on a boat, which unfortunately crashes into a large block of ice that triggers a terrible disaster. The boat is lost at sea after a beautiful romance, the characters are forced to separate because the boy, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, dies in icy sea. This film has won many awards and is undoubtedly one of the best love movies of all time.

Excellent romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in which it tells the sad story of a girl who suffers a car accident that causes her to lose her short-term memory, thus you can not remember anything that happens in the present, more just remember what happened from the accident date to the past. She meets a boy who falls for her without knowing their health status, they know, they like and spend a lovely day together, the next day the boy (Adam) returns to be with her, but she does not remember . But let this problem stop him, the young man proposes love the girl a day at a time, every day to keep her.


This romance comedy shows that have taken over the years two young extroverts who have managed to overcome their social differences to be together peliculas de amor. After shocks and love triumphs and obstacles these two can be together, until the woman’s dementia (and old) interferes in the relationship. The story takes place in a present context, where the two protagonists of romance and the elders and the man tells the woman, the story that these two young lovers spent and reads from a notebook, without her knowing, that that is its own story.

The Earn an Architect


The architect is the one professional who takes care of everything related to the construction of cities, such as planning, engineering, and circumstances prevent meeting the needs of citizens in the construction of buildings and houses.

Most of the pretenders to study architecture think being an architect be famous and rich and will be touring the world’s largest building projects but we have to clarify that this is not unrealistic but the really wins an Architect cuanto dinero gana un arquitecto.

The salary that an architect can receive is totally dependent on the construction activity that has either to be able to handle two or three projects at once and get their respective share of each work or it may happen to have a work one months and the other 3 do not have a new building, is why are the Schools of Architects or Architects Agencies in charge of combining all the architects of a region in order to receive and combine a call for papers and to ensure good work to their clients.

A student recently graduated from the School of Architecture, due to lack of experience to solve a job for the same, has no choice but to be a member of a Builder that allows you to learn and gain experience as well as customers.

Back to the subject of salary that can sense an architect, as it all depends on the activity and size of the project. The fees to be charged an Architect are what the want to charge, but is recommended to be 10% – 15% of a project, here’s an example:

Suppose we ask the architect makes a house that is a total of $ 600,000 usd, usually the same planes are made under an advance of $ 4000 mxn, then the architect is responsible for the proper construction and check that everything is by charging customers a total of $ 690,000 usd to within 3-8 months depending on customer options. Taking account the architect earns about $ 18,000 usd a month but now it took him two projects at once or the construction of public buildings, the architects with offices are able to earn up to $ 60,000 usd per month, and there is still the possibility of making and plan the construction of a series of micro-homes or condominiums or townhomes own small projects that allow you to build and then sell to families in order to get some more.

But The gains a degree fresh out of the market it wishes to belong now included within a construction, typically this is 100% variable is the size of the construction company for which you work and the projects that have so it is likely that this will give it varied each month and can range from $ 6,000 mxn – $ 15,000 mxn pesos a month cuanto gana.

Being an architect is a professional and dedicated passion for their work and that each project must leave the soul and creativity in order to satisfy their customers and enhance their professional quality will reward society.

Social calls to action work best on Twitter, Facebook

Technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the like are blaming each other to handle data unduly privacy of its users.
Microsoft Against Google speaks and does so through Scroogled, but on the other hand we see that on the side of Skype read the information that is not supposed to read. Facebook knows the life and work of its users and uses that information to serve ads, like Twitter, Google and others.

No company can say that in this aspect of privacy is innocent, each in his own way takes advantage of the lack of knowledge about users. So education on this issue is very important.

People send me an infographic Papaya10 in exposing the Facebook privacy issue from the point of view of the new search Facebook Graph (Graph Search), which soon all Facebook users can access and as provided, further clarify the issue of an easy way for any user, whatever their level of expertise, they also explain how to set the privacy and offer some other recommendation.

I get an email from Dan Zarrella site with infographics that contains data about a study that was conducted in which we can see what are the social calls to action work best on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Zarrella explains that for years the sales of the companies knew that for customers to perform a specific action, had to ask him to take. Inexplicably, when there was the change to social media, suddenly calls to action ceased to be used.

In the study conducted found that wherever the action calls always generated a growing number of actions by users fotos chidas.

For example, in Twitter, the tweets that say Please Retweet, are more likely to receive more RT others tweets that do not ask.

In blogs, articles that have the words comment, or share links, get more comments, views and links to other posts that do not.

Finally in Facebook posts that have the same words that I named in the previous párrrafo generate more action from users.

Here is the infographic

Que negocio quieres conocer?


Es verdad que no hay que ser un usuario especialista para saber dichas cosas, basta con escuchar un poco de actualidad tecnológicas cada poco veces a la semana, pues todo esto es un poco de perspicacia tecnológica del mundo empresarial de las TICs (empresas de tecnologías de la información), pero es cierto que la gran mayoría no tiene tiempo para gastarlo en atender noticias de tecnología. Ya tenemos mucho con las cosas de economía y política para acercarnos de los papeles informativos, como para soportar hasta las secciones de tecnología. Por otra parte en esa cultura es fácil perderse.

Así que lo adecuado es que cuando alguien se encuentre una novedad sobre que Google está luchando con Facebook, ese alguien se extrañe, y se pregunte ¿cómo puede ser que un red de búsqueda trate de competir con una social network? Es más, ¿cómo puede ser que a Google le llame la cosa crear su única red social?

Antes de entrar a fondo sobre todo este tema, como lo normal es que salgan fans de Google a disparar, dejo aquí una dicho de Eric Schmidt, presidente y director general de Google desde el 2001 hasta el 2011, y SEO (director ejecutivo) de Google en la actualidad, en la que Eric Schmidt nos comenta qué es google social:

«Google+ es poco más que una mucha base de información de publicidad en beneficio de las grandes corporaciones para orientar mejor su publicidad a los usuarios finales.» (Eric Schmidt en una entrevista con la National Public Radio de Edimburgo)

¿A qué se dedica con una gran base de información de publicidad? Pues se refiere a los datos de los personas. Así cuando trabajas para una empresa grande eres un eslabón que lo gestiona el departamento de recursos humanos, pero cuando estás en las diversas sitios de Google eres una colección de información. ¡Cómo ha cambiado Google! Y más desde que tiene casi el negocio de la publicidad en Internet; por no mencionar de lo que algunos medios llaman la historia de amor de Google y Obama; o de cómo escanean los emails que envías y recibes en cuentas google para colocarte, en las webs con publicidad de Google, publicidad ‘mejor seleccionada a tu perfil’, que es lo mismo que hacen con tus palabras en Google; por no hablar de otros sectores que Google está gobernando;… ¿Cómo era eso que decía Google para mandar a callar a todo crítico con ellos? Si es que los mismos que te prometen mejor organización del spam de gmail son los que cobran por la gran mayoría de spam que ves en las webs. Vale, puedes odiar o asustate de Google por todo ello, pero lo cierto es que todas las grandes empresas tecnológicas tienen un algo y Google no es la única. Es por ello que siempre debemos de tener cautela con las huellas de información que dejamos en muchos compañías tecnológicos de La Web e intentar, entre distintas ofertas, elegir las blogs que más libertad, en cuanto a anonimato, nos den o, al menos, escribir el menor número de datos de uno mismo posible. Y siempre que puedas poner atención antes de chequear cosas como ‘He leído y acepto las condiciones de uso’, cuando vayas a entrar en una web.